Charitable Organization

We help the socially vulnerable sections of the population of Irpen, Kyiv region and other settlements of Ukraine.

We also provide assistance to victims of Russian aggression and those who have lost their homes.

We also constantly purchase things needed by defenders for the Armed Forces and send them to the front lines.

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Who are we?

The volunteer movement started its work on February 25, 2022. in the city of Irpin and Priirpinia.

From the first days, each of us did and is still doing everything possible to bring our VICTORY – Ukraine over the Russian aggressor – closer!!!

Every day we travel to distribute aid, hold various events to support the population, negotiate with foreign friends to unite our efforts in supporting the population of Ukraine, and so on every day!


Unrestrained and indomitable
We go forward with love
We help properly
Everyone is important to us!

What is the main one?
we provide help

Humanitarian aid

We help with medicine

We help with lunches

We help

To temporarily resettled persons, IDPs,

in the city Irpin, m. Kryvyi Rih and 20 other settlements of Ukraine

For mothers with children and large families

we provide humanitarian aid and help with medicines

To people who were left without housing or it was damaged.

Both in their places of residence and sending to other cities

Teroborony, Military, Armed Forces

Those who risk their lives to choose the freedom and independence of Ukraine

Our measures are extreme


Training on providing emergency medical aid

Turgenevska Street, 28. Premises of the SZOSH sports hall 2. Entrance from the street near the sports hall


A holiday for children

Crazy Animators, stars and Masters of Sports💙💛

Children's Day holiday

With the assistance of the city council
KIWY party, battalion legion, our British friends from abroad Artists, Animators, stars and Masters of Sports💙💛

March 2022
Assembled on a car for the Armed Forces

for the needs of volunteers and after the evacuation from the Irpin region was transferred to the Armed Forces

WITH in the first days, we evacuated everyone who wanted to
residents from their apartments, as well as not forgot about their animals. At the same time, they provided food and medicine

We united for the sake of VICTORY !

Each of us, every day, does a great job to help every child, every person and animal in our cities and towns.

Currently, we should be there and help everyone who needs it to speed up VICTORY and PEACE ON OUR LAND!!!


For five months now, we have been helping mothers with
children and residents of de-occupied/liberated cities
with food, medicines, and military chemicals, diapers, baby food to support them in this difficult time.

We also send aid to the hot spots of our country for
support of our military and compatriots.

A little in numbers, about our work

Evacuated people
> 0
They reached populated areas
> 0
kg feed for animals
> 0
cars for military and volunteer needs
bridge, where assistance is provided to hospitals
> 0

Our story

On February 24, we all woke up with horror, trying to understand what was happening!

On the 25th, we all tried to save as many relatives, friends, neighbors and animals as possible.

On the 26th and 27th, we all realized how serious everything was, and everyone decided to stand up for the defense of their country with all the forces they had at the moment. We have started our volunteer activities!

Our people and everyone around the world helped us in this and are still helping us! Our people combined all efforts for VICTORY, we rallied, acted as one organism, at the level of instincts, everyone tried to help with everything they could!

Children supported their parents, parents of elderly people and all of us together supported the military who defend our land.

Everyone willing to help became volunteers, there are many more of us and we are really stronger when TOGETHER!

March and April were difficult for the whole country, and in some regions fierce fighting is still going on.

At that time, in Irpen and everywhere in the Kyiv region, where our volunteers could reach, we engaged in full EVACUATION of the population. (Photos and videos of evacuations in the link immediately in the text with the tag photo/video of evacuations)

It was scary, very scary, every time accepting addresses from relatives, friends and neighbors for evacuation, sending volunteers, such as our Maxim, Olya, Andriy and 10 other volunteers by car, into the mouth of complete uncertainty – what is there at that address and returning these boys and girls at all?

So many lives saved, so many happy faces and happiness from hearing on the phone: “Everything is fine! On the Base” and so on.

After the liberation of the territories, we began to urgently issue medicines and foodstuffs for people who survived the occupation and for those who began to return to the city!

Further, we went to various points to distribute humanitarian aid, sent medicines to various hospitals, helped our military and did not forget to create a good mood by congratulating the population on Easter Day and creating a small holiday for children on Children’s Day in several cities.

From May 2022 to today, we are trying to cover as many cities and towns of Ukraine as possible that need our help.

Financial statements

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Separately about evacuation

This is not the time to take photos - this is the most difficult period.
When, together with faith in your heart, you do what is necessary with all your might.
\ That's why only raw\ video is 18+
The bravest guys did it at the risk of their own lives

Our team & staff

we share the same vision, which is to help brothers around the world

Eleanor Pena
Event Manager
Chris Doe
Staff Event
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Jane Cooper
Staff Event

Charity event in Australia

14 October 2020

What they say

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Sarah Doe
Volunteer from Australia

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Angelina Nathan
Volunteer from Ireland

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